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Garage Sale 2015 – I’m Downsizing!

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Here is ‘Garage Sale’ (‘Yard Sale’) part three! Remember I moved house awhile back and had a garage sale and I said it would be in parts because I needed to sort through boxes? This is part three! As before I am selling off not only old convention wears, but also old Nerf mods and props.

Also getting rid of random geek stuff from my personal collection, why? I need the cash!

This page will feature a basic list of everything, with a price, short description and link to an image if there is one. If you see something you want that’s still available, it’s yours, first come first served. I’ll update the page as fast as I can, but sometimes the thing you want might be gone, like last time I did this. Just email me (Nerfenstein@gmail.com) or message me on FB, pay via Paypal and I’ll ship it out to you as soon as I can (you pay postage). If you’re in my local area (Gold Coast / Brisbane Australia), I’ll even arrange pickup or deliver for free (great if you want multiple or large items). All prices AUD and items sold as they are.



G.I. Joe Kata Blaster pistol – BRAND NEW IN BOX – $8 ea
This is a really cool dart firing blaster, makes for a great scifi pistol mod, also features a ‘hidden blade’. Full Disclosure: I bought too many, haven’t even opened them. (Multiples Available). Looks like THIS.

NERF Dart Tag Speed Load 6 – BRAND NEW IN BOX – $15 ea
Another one I never got around to. Full Disclosure: Same thing, bought it, haven’t even opened it.



Mass Effect Eagle Resin Replica – unpainted – $145
Really nice solid resin prop replica of the Mass Effect Eagle pistol, made by amazing prop maker Bill Doran. Top one in image uploaded here: Link.

40K style Bolt Gun – unpainted – $145
Unfinished, hand made by me in foam and other greeblies, non firing, primed and ready to paint. Bottom one in image uploaded here: Link.

The Gun of Souls Revolver – Modded & Painted – $55
Modded toy revolver, the gun of souls has a big background story, but basically this is what I thought a cursed tesla pistol might look like. Full Disclosure: Looks to still be in great condition. Viewable on this post: Link.

Gears of War Lancers – Official Replicas – $440
All three original Gears of War lancers, including the ultra rare original chainsaw version (selling on Amazon for up to $750). NECA GoW 3 Gold Lancer and non gold Lancer. All unboxed and as new (they’ve just sat on a shelf since purchase). I’d like to sell all 3, pickup only. So on the off chance someone is in Qld, Gold Coast / Brissy area, we’ll talk about it.

Foam Destiny Hunter Knife prop – Foam, hand painted – $12
Hand made Destiny Hunter knife prop. Con safe as it’s completely made of foam and therefore does not cut. Hand painted and finished. Full Disclosure: Great for cosplay / display. Not great for LARP, real knife fights ;p See it here: Link.

Foam Fallout 10mm Pistol – Handcut Foam / Painted – $12
Remember when I first started making things in foam? Practice! Yes this isn’t great, but I was learning, still at this price, great for cosplay / photos. Full Disclosure: EEK! Been smashed about in storage, left side shows a little green foam coming though in a small area.



Nerf Rayven Police Vehicle Mod – hand painted / lights & sirens – $55
Nerf Rayven, working (to my knowledge), no internal mods, hand painted and finished. Featuring flashing lights and siren sounds. Buttons on grip activate the different sirens. Full Disclosure: really quite loud! Link – Video on that post showing sound / lights.

Nerf Stampede – Nerf painted firing – $50
This was actually a very early mod of mine from memory. Because of that reason the paintjob doesn’t really look like how I do them now, but it isn’t really terrible and it’s a Stampede, so cool! You can see it here Link.

Naked Nerf Scout – Nerf hard mod / repaint – $50
This is an art piece meant for display. It shows the internal mechanisms of the Nerf Scout, with a metallic finished. Still works as a regular Nerf blaster, however use will damaged the internal paint work. Link.

Nerf Lightsaber – Hand painted non firing – $25
This is an odd one, just wanted to see if I could turn a Nerf Scope into a lightsaber, so I did. It lights up but in a pretty beginnerish way where you just slide the little LED in and out, but no one need know that since it’s hidden inside! Link.

Nerf Rayven Original Yellow Nerf Mod – hand painted / Retro – $45
Nerf Rayven, working (to my knowledge), no internal mods, hand painted and finished in original Nerf colors (orange / yellow). Weathered. Full Disclosure: Has been banged around in a garage cupboard, doesn’t seem any worse for wear for it. Link.

Nerf Firestrike Defiance Mod with Case – hand painted / comes with case – $55
Nerf Firestrike, working (to my knowledge), no internal mods, hand painted and finished in Defiance video game theme. Comes with metal display case and fake battery (mdf). Full Disclosure: Not my best work, but nice as a collection for Defiance fans. Link.

Nerf Rayven Commander Shepard Mod – Hand Painted – $35
Nerf Rayven, working (to my knowledge), no internal mods, hand painted and finished in Mass Effect Commander Shepard theme. Full Disclosure: Ugh, I don’t like it, maybe you will and it’s cheap so…. Link.

Nerf Scout Admiral Cain BSG – Hand Modded / Painted – $25
Nerf Scout I did way back when I was just getting into Nerf modding, a sort of army green color over the usual gun metal. Full Disclosure: Made before I started drilling out the slide holes and really detailing the heck out of things. Link.

Nerf Firestrike N7 Mass Effect Blue – Hand Painted – $25
Poor man’s Mass Effect mod on a Nerf Firestrike. Not one of my favorites, looks a bit shoddy compared to my usual, but hey, it’s cheap for a one of a kind mod. Full Disclosure: Nothing to report other than decal looks to have caught some air (no idea how), still seems to fire. See here: Link.

Nerf Firestrike Mad Max MFP – Hand Painted – $25
As above, same link, only this is Mad Max inspired, looking at it now, I don’t like it, but hey, I’m not selling it to myself. Full Disclosure: Nothing I can see other than again, the decals appear to have not set correctly, still adhered however. . See here: Link.

Nerf Maverick Borderlands Torgue – Hand Modded / Painted – $180
$180 You Say?! But.. but this is a garage sale. Yes, yes it is and that is a lot cheaper than commissioning this and if someone wants to buy it, I want to know they’re serious collectors because this was one time consuming piece of art! Made from Maverick, Styrene, foam, blaster pieces and more. Full Disclosure: I don’t mind if it doesn’t sell lol. See here: Link.

Lanard Stargate Blaster – Hand Modded / Painted – $35
Ahh the Lanard, what a great blaster. This blaster was owned by someone else and they gave it back to me when downsizing, irony! Modded in Stargate Atlantis style, it featured a glowing Stargate exit barrel. Sadly the batteries seem to only work intermittently. Full Disclosure: it glows blue when it feels like it, fixable if you know what you’re doing, snap it off and replace. Does not fire. See here: Link.

Lanard N7 Mass Effect Blaster – Hand Modded / Painted – $45
A cheap way to get a Mass Effect blaster for cosplay, the Lanard is one of my favorite blaster designs, it screams futuristic handgun. Full Disclosure: Nothing to report, Looks to be in great condition. Not exactly the same as the one in the link as this features a raise 3D laser cut N7 logo and is in black – very cool. See here: Link.



Mass Effect N7 Acrylic Badge Sets – Laser Cut Acrylic pieces – $5 set
Laser cut Mass Effect N7 logo badges, less than half the price of my Etsy store because I just want to get rid of a few. You can glue them onto armor or blasters, or to the black acrylic backplate (included) for a regular badge).

Last of Us Fireflies Necklace – Resin molded & painted – $15
Resin replica of the Fireflies necklaces seen in video game The Last of Us (Excellent game if you haven’t played it). Nice little collectible prop.

Umbrella Corp Resin Badge – Badge on Backing – SOLD
Resin cosplay badge for Umbrella Corp (Resident Evil) cosplay. Badges are painted with a metal finish (Gold or Silver dependent on what I have left), attached to black foam backing with ballchain to be worn around neck ‘TV cop’ style. Link.

Torchwood Resin Badge – Badge Only – $20
Resin cosplay badge for Torchwood (Doctor Who) cosplay. Badges are painted with a metal finish (Gold or Silver), attached to foam backing with ballchain. Link.

Judge Dredd Badge – 3D printed & painted – $15
Badge from Judge Dredd. 3D printed, painted display prop (could be drilled and placed on a neck thong / chain if needed).

Racoon City PD Knife – Laser cut timber / unpainted – $6
Laser cut hunting knife used by Racoon City PD in the Resident Evil franchise. Flat centerpiece ready for handle wrap or your own handle / grip. Features Racoon PD logo engraved into blade). Full Disclosure: Meh, but good for Umbrella / Resi Evil cosplay and it’s ridiculously cheap. (Multiples Available). See one of them finished HERE.



Vintage Traveller Books – Great condition – $Contact Me with specifics as I have a LOT.

Full Pirate Costume: $15
Pants and jacket of a dandy pirate captain, also a nice felt tricord hat to set the rest of it off. (US import Halloween costume).

Doctor Who Eleventh Costume: $30
Shirt, jacket and sonic screwdriver for the Eleventh Doctor. Jacket is not the cheap official version, but rather a proper vintage tweed jacket.



Coming soon, hundreds for Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, DS, including many press only versions.


All prices do NOT include P&P, which needs to be added once I know where you are. No returns (I’m trying to get rid of things, I don’t want them coming back. I have been very honest re quality!).
Be sure and check out the Nerfenstein T&C’s for additional information if you need to, though it mostly covers commissions.