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Nerf paint mod the Stampede black with red plating

Nerf paint mod the Stampede black with red plating

Nerf paint mod – Nerf Stampede black with red plating – Here’s my Nerf Stampede painting mod. This was terrifying to start because as a total beginner to Nerf mods, even by way of just painting and dry brushing, this was an expensive gun and I didn’t want to screw it up. Caution to the wind I cracked on and the result was sweet! (for a beginner anyway).

Nerf mod - Stampede before shot

Nerf Stampede before the painting mod begins!

Nerf Stampede dry brushing and paintjob mod finished

Nerf Stampede after painting mod complete - Taping off a must!

Again I went with a red and black metal theme, not sure why. I had in my mind a sort of Mass Effect Nerf Stampede, but then saw someone else had done that and didn’t want to copy, so did my own thing. There was a lot of dry brushing on this one, for all the metal areas. I used bolt gun metal for the effect, sadly the image doesn’t do the detail justice, but thems the breaks.

stampede nerf mod dry brush metal look barrel

Nerf Stampede dry brushing detail on the barrel / muzzle

If you’re looking for a great Nerf gun to paint mod, this is the one, it’s pretty hard to screw this up because it’s such an awesome gun to begin with.

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  1. Can’t believe no one commented on this one yet. This is cool, but you should have put some decals on it, maybe some Mass Effect. I like the overall look though, you shoulda left the inside of the barrel, no one will ever see that. Just makin more work for yurself girly.

  2. The front half looks a lot like a Dragunov to me.

    • take the front of the stapede, stock of longstrike, add a gun in the middle, and you have a dragunov 😛

  3. Boo! 🙂
    Hi there.
    I was wondering, you tapped off for the red, but how much? And I can tell that is an acrylic red yes?

    • Hi Ben,
      it’s actually enamel red. This was (from memory) the first big Nerf gun I modded, so I was all about the rattle cans lol.

      Looking at this now I’m kind of like.. “OMFG seriously, you need to redo it or at least update it!” haha.

  4. hey there

    was just wondering what colour would you recommend to use to dry brush a candy apple red maverick ?


    • Hi Adam,
      I generally use the rule, dry brush lighter shades over a darker shade, so I would have painted the main base a dark dark red and dry brushed it a lighter red (or reds) to bring out the detail. Hope that helps!

  5. absolutely love the paint job and as an eventual first time painter of my stampede I must congratulate you on a job well done. However I wanted to ask, did you sand down all parts or did you just tape and paint them. If you could email me on how you did this I would greatly appreciate it. thank you very much and talk with you soon.

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