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Real VR Fishing Oculus Quest review first impressions

Posted on Aug 29, 2019 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

Real VR Fishing on Oculus Quest. First impressions: Real VR fishing is a photo realistic fishing game now available on the Oculus Quest....

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Red Matter Oculus Quest & PSVR comparison – Video

Posted on Aug 26, 2019 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

Red Matter VR game comparison between Oculus Quest and PSVR: Red Matter has been out on PSVR for some time, but it only recently hit...

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Pinball FX 2 VR on Oculus Quest – Video

Posted on Aug 13, 2019 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

Pinball FX 2 VR on Oculus Quest. First impressions and tables runthrough: I’ll preface this by saying I’m a bit of a pinball...

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Thieves Den board game unboxing – Video

Posted on Jul 22, 2019 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

Thieves Den board game unboxing: Let’s take a look at not only Thieves Den, but also the wee Thieves Den expansion: Thieves Den:...

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PSVR vs Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Showdown! – Video

Posted on May 25, 2019 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

PSVR vs Oculus Quest the virtual reality showdown Got my Oculus Quest finally, so how does this all in one virtual reality headset compare...

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Batman Arkham VR on PSVR I’m Batwoman! – Video

Posted on May 21, 2019 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

Batman Arkham VR PSVR Be the man bat in Virtual Reality Batman Arkham VR (PSVR) is more an experience than a game, but if you’re a...

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