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Elon Musk was my hero

Elon Musk was a hero of mine and I am gutted

Elon Musk goes from hero to zero and I’m so sad

I know I know, you’re going to say, how was that guy ever my hero, but hear me out. Elon Musk wasn’t always the petulant billionaire he is now. I TRULY believe – or WANT to believe – that he was a good person, who genuinely wanted to better the world, not just his bank account. I HAVE to believe that, because the world needs one good billionaire… just one! That one Tony Stark type who is ACTUALLY a good person inside. Someone we can look up to. Someone I looked up to.

I’ve watched soooo many interviews with Elon Musk, so many. I admired his tenacity, but mostly his wants for the world. He was about sustainability, about new forms of energy, about technology, AI, robotics and space. All things I have a deep love for and interest in. I genuinely believed he meant it, that he wanted to better the world for us all, not just for other billionaires.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and various other recent antics have made me see him differently and I’m so so sad. Like… a little heartbroken.

Elon Musk’s Twitter problem:

Firstly the way he went about it, like some kid having a tantrum, the entire thing was embarrassing. The sink thing, I thought was kind of funny, until someone said to me he’s like some 12 year old boy making jokes with zero heart for anyone he affects. Then he fired loads of people two months before Christmas, literally no care, zero for the humans on the receiving end. You can’t be sustainable, want the best for the future and treat people like sh_t. It’s just not possible.

The Blue Tick thing is a head scratcher. Elon Musk wants $8 and anyone can be verified. The thing that made the blue tick special was, if you saw it you knew that was that person (celebrity). You didn’t need to check follower numbers, check tweets, you just knew, because of the verification process. Now – so long as it’s a parody! – anyone can be verified as anyone else. Thus removing its overall use. I saw a tweet yesterday from Elon Musk and it was verified and I was like “that’s an odd thing for him to say”, well yeah, because it wasn’t him!

Elon Musk’s fanboy problem

I already know if I get any HATE on this post it will be from these man boys that worship Elon Musk. His followship can be pretty vile, incel types who somehow see themselves in him. Elon Musk loves these guys, he loves they agree with everything he says and does, which as we know is unhealthy, that agreement echo chamber. I doubt Elon Musk has ANYONE able to tell him he’s wrong, because they’re all too terrified, probably because of his money or perceived power. I’d love to chat with him about things, to see why he’s doing the things he’s doing recently, but that’s never going to happen, so I’m crying in a blog post.

Heroes come and go and this one has pretty much gone. I’m even becoming more and more embarrassed at owning a Tesla. I feel dirty. Like I’ve supported horrible human behaviour. I don’t like how that feels, because unlike Elon Musk, I do care about humanity.. and I know this ‘townhall’ thing he’s trying to do on Twitter is going to fail, because good people are leaving the platform as the nazi’s, crazies etc. return. Life is stressful enough without reading hate filled rhetoric on Twitter over and over again (and yeah. whichever side that comes from). Freedom of speech IS important, but you should still use basic human decency in what you say. There’s rules for life. You don’t go out in the street and scream hate filled things, racist things. You don’t do it because it’s against the law and you know the police will be called. Twitter is going the way of the OLD village square, the one with the hanging tree in it and that’s NOT something a futurist like Elon Musk should be aiming for.

I’ve popped this post in blog, but also WTF? Because honestly.. WTF?

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