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Contact Me

I had an embedded contact form, right here, where your eyes are looking RIGHT NOW. I never did trust the bloomin things and it appears I should have heeded my own spider senses! Some e-mails sent from it are now in some parallel universe.

So here’s the thing, if you need to email me, please do send emails to….
email: Nerfenstein’s Gmail

I WILL reply, so if you contact me and don’t get a response, something has gone awry. If it’s via email responses may take a few days to a week. If it’s via Facebook expect a reply within hours, days tops.

For those who like Facebook I’m on there and check my messages all the time, so please do message me there. Or Tweet at me, like a lovely little bird, via the multi billion dollar TWEETER…. err Twitter.

I look forward to hearing from you human.
No I genuinely do.