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Survivory Board Game Unboxing – Video

Posted on Apr 21, 2018 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

Survivory board game unboxing and initial thoughts So I bought this new board game Survivory, a 2-6 player ‘survival horror themed trivia game’. Yeah, weird, but I got it cheap so. You have to hand it...

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Channel Update: Kickstarter, Fallout Props – Video

Posted on Apr 10, 2018 in Blog, Gaming, Geek, Props

Just a super quick channel update because I realise I haven’t put out any content for a couple of weeks. I haven’t forgotten you guys, I’m just stupidly busy right now. This video isn’t...

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Giant Takenoko Board Game – Reaction Video

Posted on Mar 24, 2018 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

Giant Takenoko board game unboxing. My Grail Game Arrives! I’ve wanted...

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Board Game Tag: Tabletop Nostalgia – Video

Posted on Mar 15, 2018 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

Board Game Tag! Gaming Nostalgia My pal The Board Game Kaptain tagged me in...

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Sauce Trays for Board Games – Top Tip Video

Posted on Mar 6, 2018 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

Pimp Your Board Game with Sauce Trays, yeah, I said sauce trays, trust me! In...

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Gutsy Firestrike Biological Nerf Mod – Walkthrough Video

Posted on Mar 2, 2018 in Blog, Featured, Nerf, Portfolio

Firestrike Nerf Mod Jekyll and Hyde. Regular on one side, gutsy on the other....

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Off the Rails Board Game Unboxing – Video

Posted on Feb 27, 2018 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

Kickstater arrival! Off the Rails Board Game Unboxing! A quick unboxing of a...

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Workshop Rejig and Amiga Games! – Video

Posted on Feb 23, 2018 in Blog, Featured, Gaming, Geek

Amiga computer and games unboxing. Also workshop rejig and update! Super quick...

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