• Mon. May 27th, 2024
the rocketeer meeple display prop art by board game gran

The Rocketeer Meeple for display – Art

The Rocketeer meeple for shelf display!

Hi board gaming friends, it’s time for another display meeple. This turned out to be a meeple with a funny coincidence. I made this and posted it to Twitter and the following day Funko Games posted they were releasing a Rocketeer board game!! I was so happy.

The Rocketeer meeple for display

There was a bit of work to this one because it was numerous layers, so the jacket had some texture along with the pants. Then I added the leather jacket front and back with all the buttons.

It was a fun build, but the thing that took the longest was the jetpack flume. That was two coffee gas canisters with wire glued into them and bent into a circular base.

I then hot glued the entire thing, so it looked kind of bubbly. It was a lot of hot glue! I then painted it all and set to work on the helmet. Not really happy with how that turned out, but a regular helmet pattern doesn’t work because of the shape of a meeples ‘head’.

That’s it! That’s The Rocketeer Meeple done! Though I will probably redo the helmet at some point. Now… onto the next and yes, if you have a suggestion, just let me know here or over on my socials.

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