• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
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Vlog Epi 8: Kickstarter, game cull, grandkids

Board games arrivals, Covid, TV and Video Gaming:

Just a wee vlog update, going through why I’m sitting in isolation filming this one. I’ll also go through some games (of course), what a Swedish Death Clean is and why that is helping me cull my large board game collection.

Soooo many Kickstarter board game deliveries this week, omg. Oh and I talk about some TV (what a surprise) and some video gaming. Wow, I covered the entire gamut!

Thanks for spending time with me!

Really appreciate it. Take care of yourself.

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Nonna who loves her family, travel, board games, video games, VR and all things geeky (oh and some terrible reality TV.. don't judge lol).

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