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Stargate Atlantis blaster pistol Lanard mod with light up portal

Stargate Atlantis blaster pistol Lanard mod with light up portal

This is the Stargate Atlantis Lanard pistol mod with Stargate portal exit. It doesn’t fire as I fixed the stargate portal in place. This is a display piece. Thought the idea of things being fired out of a Stargate was cool.

Getting the water ripple effect on the Stargate was the hardest part of this mod, it took multiple attempts before finally working. The Stargate portal is made up of a few parts, a half inch blue resin pieces, topped with the thinner pieces featuring the ripple effect (Magic Water, blue ink mix left to semi cure and tapped with a coffee stirrer to lift the ripples). The blue LED light is mounted in the cartridge eject area so it can be turned on and off.

Just quickly I’d like to thank to a couple of people at my Facebook page: Julian for the idea of a Stargate mod. Also thanks to Crimson Prime for his Water Effects suggestion, which finally worked! And to Anthony Ellis for trying to help with the water issue also.

Got there in the end! Thanks guys.

stargate atlantis nerf blaster lanard mod light up portal

Stargate Atlantis blaster pistol mod with blue LED Stargate portal

Stargate Atlantis gun mod featuring the stargate portal with blue LED lighting

Stargate Atlantis barrel portals - Different angles.

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  1. hey what nerf gun is this ?

    • Hi Trent, it isn’t Nerf, it’s a Lanard.

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