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alone tv show history channel

Alone survival TV show History Channel

History Channel show Alone

So yeah I’m totally addicted to this TV show called Alone. The premise is super simple, ten people good at doing outdoor survival things get dropped off in a super remote place 5-10 miles apart so they never see one another. Last person there wins. They usually win because people are starving, scared of wild animals or missing other people. Some of them go a bit loopy being alone for a long time.

Alone a great show.. but… not without its pain.

So here’s the thing, I love it, I love seeing how clever people are, how strong, how weak, how loving. It’s all really fascinating, but I’m on I think season 6 at the moment and I am struggling so hard with them killing furry creatures.

I didn’t mind the other seasons because they’d see furry creatures, like bears, or wolves, puma’s but they would let them be and catch lots of fish (is it bad I have less empathy for fish?). This season, because they’re in the Arctic and the food has all gone, it’s bunnies, squirrels and even a moose.

Alone goes to different places around the world each season, always harsh.

Anyway, isn’t that weird, how we can be ok with killing certain things for food and not others.

Random thought for the day.

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