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The Gun of Souls revolver mod – The eyes have it

The Gun of Souls revolver mod – The eyes have it

This was actually a practice mod so think of it as “Gun of Souls” V1.0 basically I didn’t want to ruin a Nerf gun (which is the gun I wanted to give creepy eyes to) by trying this idea, so I found an old toy revolver I had laying around and set to work.

As you can see the whole idea with this weapon mod was to give it eyes, I nabbed some teddy bear eyes from the craft store, who knew teddy bear eyes could be so evil looking! These were inserted from the inside and partially pushed through. I kept the eyelids wrinkly because let’s face it, soul sucking weapons don’t get eyelifts. I also added a vacuum tube instead of leaving it the standard revolver, so it sort of became this cool soul sucking tesla pistol, I might even box it up as such before I sell it, give it some extra schwing!

The gun of souls Souleater revolver mod by Nerfenstein

Who is watching you?! The Gun of Souls of course!

I also came up with a little story for this one, because … well.. why not….
The Gun of Souls is a cursed weapon that’s been around for many years, The Gun of Souls has an interesting way of ensuring it is always in the public realm, firstly when you become the owner of the Gun of Souls, you can’t get rid of it and nor would you want to, because you need it, it will protect you from bad things, you feel safe with it nearby. The Gun of Souls is your little metal friend.

Like another famed cursed / powerful metallic item, the longer you have The Gun of Souls in your possession, the more ‘precious’ it will become to you (you got that right “my precious”) and you will protect it at all costs, even using it… which feels good.. you want to use it… you need to use it…

Victims of The Gun of Souls become trapped in the gun, but there’s a twist, take two souls and the user of The Gun of Souls is also gobbled up and the weapon finds a new owner.

And that my friends is The Gun of Souls, a practice mod that actually turned out really cool. Expect to see more soul eating weapons soon.

*weighted and hand detailed.

Post written for home blog of Nerfenstein… the geek you can catch up with on her Facebook page, or if you Tweet… there’s always Twitter!

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  1. Girlygamer that is fairly disturbing, yet the artisan shines through evermore, a good piece of design and forethought.

    • Thank you! Hopefully the next one will be a little better even as I have some ideas of how to make the eyes even more creepy!

  2. awesome work! inspired by Call of Cthulhu? i can see the elder sign there!

    • I am a HUGE Call of Cthulhu (Cthulhu Mythos) fan, so yes, definitely inspired by that … yay you for noticing!

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