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Scoutimus Prime Transformers / Gundam style Nerf mod

Nerf Transformers robot mod for fun

You know I like my weird Nerf / blaster mods from time to time, something a little different, a little out there, well that’s what happened here with ‘Scoutimus Prime’ the Transformers inspired Nerf Scout modification. I’ve never really been into Transformers or Gundam or any of those ‘giant robot’ or mech series, I think I missed the boat with them and I just never caught up. That said I do like the style, the art, the design aspects of them and my favorite game controller was my “Steel Battalion” controller, which was epic… but I digress.

So I had this old plastic toy and this Nerf Scout, I put them both in a large top hat, tapped the rim and this is what I pulled out. Scoutimus Prime is just a silly name I came up with in homage to the Transformers universe and of course Optimus Prime. The Nerf Scout still fires and there is something very satisfying about firing a Nerf dart from the chest of a giant robot.

nerf mod transformers robot nerf scout mod by nerfenstein girlygamer

As you can see by the WIP I drilled the slide holes (as I tend to do), primed and black base with a metal dry brush after attaching the legs / chest. I had to make various cuts so this fit well and worked how I’d envisioned and it came together perfectly. This is a cool display piece and it stands by itself, even better! I left the main body of the Nerf Scout metallic only, rather than doing the paneling as I usually would because I wanted it to be almost this shadow from the ‘robot’ itself.

nerf mod transformers robot nerf scout mod by nerfenstein girlygamer

Anyway folks, I hope you like this trip outside the Nerf modding box once more. I’ll catch you next time… now where’d I put that All Spark…. G.. G.. G.. Gundam Style!.. oh close enough!

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….

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