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Trafalgar Law One Piece Nodachi sword prop 6′ tall

Trafalgar Law One Piece Nodachi sword prop 6′ tall

Hello and Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a lovely holiday season in whatever way you celebrate it. Well it’s 2013, we’re all still here despite what those pesky Mayans had some people thinking, so it’s time for more prop making, more modding and more geeking here at my blog. My first completed prop build of 2013 is the Trafalgar Law nodachi sword from Japanese shลnen manga series “One Piece”.

Nick contacted me about this commission and I figured 6′ long sword, what could possibly go wrong!

I picked up a few new skills doing this courtesy of my wonderful neighbor Steve who gave me router lessons, so cheers to Nick for trusting me with this and to Steve for being a great mentor with noisy things that could cut off a finger.

Trafalgar Law nodachi sword prop fullsized 6' tall One Piece prop katana

Trafalgar Law nodachi sword prop, for when you have to slay EVERYTHING in sight

Trafalgar Law sword prop nodachi One Piece

This is the guy

So above you see the finished product, the 6′ long Trafalgar Law nodachi sword from manga series “One Piece”. This was a complex build, more so than I had anticipated, but I did try and get this as true to the images I had to go by (see image left of Trafalgar Law with his nodachi).

I actually ended up purchasing a lot of things I never used in the final product due to a mix-up with color matching the wrong thing, lesson learned. It also cost more than I had anticipated… the price of making it look as close to the original as possible I guess. Still I think the final result is pretty cool… and there’s a fluffy bit… who doesn’t love a fluffy tsuba!

I also added some detail where there was none in the original, like to both sides of the tsuba, just so it looked more like your stereotypical ‘samurai sword’. Rather than making something that ‘looked’ fluffy, I actually made the tsuba surround real fluffy. Likewise with the red cord and the tsukamaki on the grip.

One Piece Trafalgar Law sword prop build full sized nodachi prop context

Ignore my fridge, this is for context to show how big this prop is. Big sword is big.

The above image is my fridge yes, but it is there for size context, my fridge is huge.. the Trafalgar Law nodachi prop sword is taller than it… so you can see this isn’t some lame regular sized Trafalgar Law nodachi. Finally a WIP pic of the Trafalgar Law sword prop and all of that routing. Also another size context pic for you, that tiny sword top left in the picture below is my full sized practice katana!!

Trafalgar Laws swrod prop build One Piece Trafalgar Law nodachi prop WIP

WIP – all of that lovely cross routing and tsuba detailing coming along

If you want to commission one of these you can and you can personalize the colors to suit yourself. Email me at if interested.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first finished prop build of 2013… there’s many more to come.

Trafalgar Law with sword Image Credit Vector by ALA21DDIN21 for ANIMEPAPER.NET

Post written for home blog of Nerfenstein… the geek you can catch up with on her Facebook page, or if you Tweet… there’s always Twitter!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful piece of commisson. I love how you made it your own with personal touch in detailing areas normally clear.

    Can’t believe how tall it is! Also props to your neighbour for router classes, always a great project made greater when you pick up new skills.

  2. where did you get the fluffy thing for the tsuba?

  3. is this for sale?

    • This one sold, you can commission one however and you get to choose your own colors for binding etc. Please note if you are not in Australia I am unable to post it.

  4. I would love to buy this sword

    • Commission one… though if you’re outside Australia, postage is a nightmare.

  5. is it possible to ship it to nz?

    • I imagine so, though I couldn’t be responsible for it once it left my hands.

  6. I just sent you an email before even seeing that this comment section was here. How would I go about contacting you to try and get one of these? I live in the US, so I’m sure shipping costs would be ridiculous, but I’m willing to pay if it can be shipped.

  7. How long does it take to make a commission and how do I get in contact with you? Also, do you have an idea of how much shipping would cost to the US?

    • Hi Phillip,
      I haven’t shipped this to the US so have no idea on shipping, given the length I would assume it would be costly.
      Commissions are based on when the commissioner needs it by crossed with how many commissions I am doing before that particular deadline. At the moment I am quite busy, as it is Halloween soon. If interested in a commission please email me with the details (

  8. how do I get one of these ? please I need it lol

    • LOL, you commission me to make you one.. deep pockets for this one though.

  9. how much would you ask for typically, thinking about it for gold nova since i have the fleece new-world coat.

    • You’re looking at around $260 for a completed version.

  10. Hey so i’m trying to make a less expensive version of this and i have everything else but i was wondering what you is used for the gold end pieces?
    Yous is really awesome though and i would commission it but i dont have alot of money ๐Ÿ™

    • The ends were sculpted, sanded and painted gold.

  11. Hi I was wondering how much it whould be to commission one of these (would it be possible to only have it be a smaller?) I’m trying to make one of my own bit it’s pretty hard going I can’t get my head around how you’ve done the ribbon on the handle?

    • Hi Erin,
      I can make one any size at all. The ribbon on the handle is called tsuka-maki, it is essentially tighting wrapping the binding in a particular way. I am sure there will be tutorials now you know what it is called ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hi Erin,

    I was thinking about making my own one, but i am a bit confused with the hilt wrapping, is it ment to be white or a light purple?

    • Is this posted to me? Angela, not Erin?
      The hilt wrapping can be anything you like.

  13. Hey uhm I was wondering if youre still doing commissions for this exact same sword of laws and how much would this sword commission cost? Thank you and have a good day. ;/////;

    • Nope, I had to sell my table router… sorry!

  14. Contacted you via facebook but didn’t get a replay so i’ll try via here…

    I’m planning on creating a sword myself and would like to know which measurements you took?
    more specifically the width, depth, overall length, and length of the hilt.
    I want to make the shaft and the hilt together so it looks like i have the sword without actually having one (don’t think a con will let me in with a real sword )
    Also which material did you use for the fluffy area around the hilt (the white fur thingy) and can i buy it somewhere?
    Love the post, i hope you went cosplaying with it ^^
    Kind regards,

    Bart Vercauteren

    • Hi Bart,
      I get a LOT of messages at FB, but I do respond to every one, Hopefully it was you I discussed this sword with and let you know the answers to your questions.

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