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Borderlands Torgue pistol Nerf mod display prop

Borderlands Torgue pistol Nerf mod display prop

As a gamer it goes without saying I play the Borderlands games. I have had “Borderlands mod” written on my to-do list for some time and I’ve finally gotten around to it with this, the Nerf Maverick Borderlands Torgue pistol mod. You may remember I did the first flat Mav mod last year with the flattened Steampunk Maverick, I used the same idea for this Borderlands prop pistol. Essentially I found a screenshot of a Borderlands gun I liked (inset below – beneath top image) and working from that set to work. Given I didn’t know what the other side would look like, I just went with logic and left part of the Nerf Maverick domed area as I thought that added some nice detail and a nod to the fact this is at heart a Nerf modification art piece.

Bordernalds Nerf gun mod Borderlands Torgue pistol

Borderlands Torgue pistol .. boom baby boom!

I went for a paint scheme that would reflect the cel shaded nature of the Borderlands universe, including wear, ‘cracks’, fades and the little markings from the one piece of game art I had as a reference. The annoying thing is the photos aren’t really picking up the bright colors, which lay somewhere between the darker ones and the flash on ones, nice and vibrant, without being silly.

Borderlands pistol Nerf modification the Torgue prop display gun

‘Check’ this out! Both sides of the Borderlands Torgue Nerf mod flash on to show color

If you want to give this Borderlands Torgue gun mod a crack, start by building out the base with all those lovely hills and valley’s of that original artwork. You have to hand it to the design team at Gearbox Software, their design on this series is spectacular and unlike most other gaming titles featuring ballistic and melee weapons, they feature full vibrant color over the stark blued metal look of many other titles. Sweet!

Torgue Borderlands pistol prop Nerf Maverick meets torgue

Torgue pistol angles. Sport the other Nerf parts in this mod!

I hope you’ve liked this build… if you’ve seen the featured banner image you’ll see there’s a Borderlands notebook in it, this was part of a press kit with the first game. If you share or comment on this mod on Facebook / or here at my blog there’s a chance you might end up with it, as I’ll be sending it out to someone at random. I couldn’t really think of an easier way to run this ‘not really a competition competition’, so that will make it easier and I’ll post the winner on my FB in a week or so.

Happy gaming folks!

Post written for home blog of Nerfenstein… the geek you can catch up with on her Facebook page, or if you Tweet… there’s always Twitter!

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  1. How much is a commission

  2. hey i seen this whilst looking for a bdl 2 nerf guns you see i like reenactment wars and your gun has blew me away i was wondering if i could send my strong arm (upgraded maverick in elite version) and was wondering if you could make a similar mod and paint job mostly paint but would you mind

    you remind me of gaige good at making stuff

    • It would need to be a commission. Email me through the details ( and I’ll get a price to you. I am quite busy with commissions at present, so please include a date you would need it by.
      Thanks for the interest!

  3. How did you do the label exactly? If I may ask? Carefully paint it? Stencil? or glued a printed or drawn one?

    • It’s a decal. It depends on the mod as to what to do. Background color will matter.

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