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loki scepter avengers cosplay prop by nerfenstein girlygamer

Loki Sceptre prop replica from The Avengers – Commission

Making a light up Loki Sceptre prop for cosplay

I usually get commissioned to modify blasters, but lately I’ve had a few swords, scratch built throwing knives, medallions and this, the Loki Sceptre from “The Avengers” movie franchise. I was going to mold this bad boy, but time has become of the essence so it’s the master for the commissioning party.


Oddly I didn’t have a huge amount of Loki Sceptre art at my disposal, so I saved what images I could find, printed them off and set to work.

Loki sceptre prop by nerfenstein girlygamer

This is Loki, for those who don’t know, that’s his evil sceptre, not a euphemism

I have to thank my routing mentor Steve once more for his help on this one. I REALLY need to get myself a band saw also, again Steve helped me with that too.. so what I’m saying is the Loki Sceptre / Scepter is made of wood, nice and weighty. A villain needs to feel intimidating after all. Although it wasn’t called for by the commissioning party I added a blue LED and it emits an awesome blue glow when it’s switched on. Switched off I made the light area blue, so that even off you can see it’s the Loki Sceptre. Here are some iPhone images of the Loki Sceptre in a dark room.. yeah.. the iPhone camera sucks!

Loki sceptre cosplay prop by nerfenstein girlygamer

And on in more regular lighting….

Loki sceptre cosplay prop by nerfenstein girlygamer light on

This will be used as part of an epic Loki costume, hopefully I will be able to add an image of that once it’s with the person who commissioned it.

Loki sceptre cosplay prop by nerfenstein girlygamer light off

I hope you’ve liked this latest build, it was something a little different!
Now.. by the power of Odin… I’m outta here!

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….

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36 thoughts on “Loki Sceptre prop replica from The Avengers – Commission”
  1. know what Imm asking my ma for my birthday. is that beat metal on the end of the handle? this is so xcellent best loki spear i seen.

  2. Hi,
    A friend recommended I check your stuff out. I am chasing a Loki scepter for Supernova in April.
    Can you please let me know if you can make one or have one for sale?


    1. Yes I can, but I would need to know soon as I have numerous commissions on the go at the moment and would need to slot it in given the time frame.

  3. Hello!
    Beautiful piece of work! I have been looking around for Loki cosplay props and such and I am curious, are you still open to commission these scepters? And if so, what do you charge?
    Thank you!

  4. This may be a long shot, but I was wondering if you had time to fit in a commision for your Loki scepter to be done in time for Thor 2 (Nov 7th)? Looks great!

    1. Best thing to do is to email me and please let me know where in the world you are as postage would need to be factored in. Thanks for the interest!

    1. I am indeed, though commissions are pretty full at the moment. Best thing to do is to email me with more details, particularly when you would need it by. Thanks for the interest!

  5. Would love to have one of these if you have the time depending how backed up you are and the price tag .. If you could email me with details would be great

  6. Can you email me with the price and details of this when you are free as I would like to know the materials for it and the price. Thank You.

  7. awesome build some parts are a little off but its probably just my computer being derp also how big is it and did you put an on and off switch on it for the L.E.D

    1. It’s not an exact replica, not for what I’m charging, that would be a whole lot more. There is a switch for any lighting. It is full adult size.

    1. I am guessing you never actually read the article since it clearly states “the Loki Sceptre / Scepter is made of wood, nice and weighty”.

  8. I was wondering if you could make me one of these and I will buy it just email me and i will let you know within 1-2 weeks if i can buy it or not.

    Thank you for your time

    1. I don’t email people unless they email me first. I see you did email me and I responded. I only accept commissions AFTER getting a deposit due to people ordering things and then disappearing. Thanks for the interest, we’ll see what happens 🙂

  9. Just wondering is there a possible way to get the blueprints of your work on the loki staffs??? would like to see if i can make one now whene im on sickleave fore some time now, have a tummore inside my head and need something under my recuperating to do,please send me a awnser.

    Frendly regards: Jonaz Johansson Sweden..

    PS: Nice work.. =)

    1. Sorry to hear about your health issues 🙁
      I would really like to help, but the blueprints I use are actually cut out of mdf and not drawn per se. I nail the mdf to the base material and draw around it. You should look up the official images, and then draw your own. You will need two, one for the center blade and one for the external sides (x 2).

      Hope that helps a little.

  10. Hi 🙂
    Are you still taking orders for the loki scepters? I’m having a disney/marvel themed party soon and my bf is going as loki but we cannot find a staff for his costume anywhere in Aus. Is there anyway possible you could have one made and posted to Sydney by August 23rd?
    Lynn 🙂

    1. Oops! I was away in America for two months and only just saw your comment. I wasn’t taking commissions during that time, so I guess it’s no harm no foul anyway. Hope your party was awesome!

  11. Hi. I am looking at this site on my phone and do not see a price anywhere. Can you please tell me how much this is? I’d really apreciate it. Thanks!

  12. Love this & very nicely done. I am also interested in purchasing one. If you could please let me know details. Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you.

  13. hi, do you have or does loki scepter available? im looking for loki’s scepter to add in my collection. can you sell one for me? do you have the 1/1 scale replica?do you shipped in the philippines and how much will be the cost for the item and shipping.
    thanks very much,

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