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Apple Watch tips and tricks. Full layman’s review!

Posted in Nerfenstein's Blog, Tech | 0 comments

What’s this? A non Nerf mod / prop making blog post?! Well I used to blog about other things many moons ago, why not now and again...

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Beginners 3d printing adventures and UP Plus 2 3d Printer review

Posted in General Prop Work - Non Nerf Buzz Bee, Mod / Prop Portfolio, Nerfenstein's Blog | 0 comments

I thought a 3D printing first impressions from a total beginner article might be useful, as I’ve noticed a lot of...

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Nerf Rebelle blaster lineup reviews and thoughts

Posted in Australian Nerf Reviews and Mods, Nerfenstein's Blog, Random | 0 comments

I’m baaaack and now I have actual Nerf Rebelle merchandise in my hot little Nerf loving hands. I’ve decided to cobble together...

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Kings TV series by NBC some thoughts and BSG musings

Posted in Nerfenstein's Blog, TV | 3 comments

When I discover a TV show I think is great, I want to share it. When I discover a show that has a similar feel to one of my all time...

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Costume Quest an XBLA game by Double Fine Productions

Posted in gaming | 0 comments

This weekend I’ve been playing Costume Quest on XBLA. What a great little game it is. Of course given this is a Double Fine...

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Tomorrow, When the War Began mini movie review

Posted in movies | 1 comment

No story spoilers, for those worried: Today I popped out of the office for a trip to the movies, I caught new Aussie movie “Tomorrow,...

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