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counter fight psvr video game review thoughts first play impressions

Counter Fight Playstation VR First Impressions – PSVR Game Review

Counter Fight PSVR Game Review:

I’m back with a quick first impressions game review thoughts. This time it’s Counter Strike for PSVR getting the quick play treatment! Counter Fight released in the US store this week, in it you run a small Chinese Restaurant / ramen store. Counter Fight is $7.99 in the US store and is still to launch in the Aus store at time of video.


  • Various dishes: Serve ramen, fried dumplings and beer!
  • Realistic cooking action: Drain water from noodle baskets, pick up toppings with chopsticks, cook dumplings with a frying pan, and keep the beer chilly by putting them in the fridge!
  • Robbers: Drive them away by throwing at them anything you have at hand!
  • Energy drinks: Rack up your score and your assistant will provide you with life-replenishing refreshments!

1 player
Online Play (Optional)
PlayStation VR Required
PlayStation Camera Required
2 PS Move controllers required


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