• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
job simulator office worker video runthrough playthrough by nerfenstein girlygamer

Job Simulator: One Shift in the Office – PSVR Rapid Runthrough

Job Simulator PSVR Office Work Runthrough

An edited runthrough of life in the PSVR game Job Simulator, working in the Office Worker level. Ahh those times in the cubicle where all that mattered was that next cup of coffee and xeroxing your bum. Those were the days.

Job Simulator is a VR game available over many VR platforms, this is the game on the PSVR platform. This is the first level of the game, where you take on the role of an office worker in the year 2050. It’s a fun game, I hope you enjoy the playthrough.

1 player
HD Video Output 720p,1080i,1080p
PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation®Eye camera required.
PlayStation VR and PlayStation®Camera is required to play this product


Office work CAN be fun!

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