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Rail gun Nerf Rayven dieselpunk railway car mod

Rail gun Nerf Rayven dieselpunk railway car mod

Choo Woo! Nerf Rayven disembarking from platform 9¾. All Aboard! This is what happens when 1. Someone from my Facebook page suggests I try ‘dieselpunk’ (thanks James!) and 2. I am hopped up on Lemsips and other flu medicines. I’d like to thank James for the suggestion, I realize a diesel train probably isn’t what he had in mind when he made the suggestion, but on looking into what dieselpunk is, trains are a big part of it, most notably, sleek streamliners (high speed diesel railway of the 1930′s) and that’s what I saw when I looked at the Nerf Rayven. Check it out, just like R2D2 was hiding in the Nerf Maverick, so too there is a railway car hiding in the Nerf Rayven, slice off the bottom, add some wheels… you see it!

nerf rayven dieselpunk mod railway car train and tracks

The graffiti says Nerfenstein Dieselpunk, in case you were wondering

I wanted to do something a little funky with the ammunition clip on this mod, rather than leaving it plain, so I went with railway tracks (I know, I’m not sure how my brain works either lol). I went all out here, modding the heck out of it, with fake dirt, fake grass, pebbles rocks, tracks and sleepers. Most importantly, it’s all still functional, so though I did this as a display / art piece it’s also a fully functioning Nerf Rayven.

dieselpunk nerf rayven mod model traincar streamliner and tracks

Makin tracks…. dual use ammunition

Well that’s my latest Nerf mod, I hope you like it!
Now… I’ve got a train to catch!

Post written for the Nerfenstein blog, that be or there’s always the Nerfenstein Facebook Page.