• Mon. May 27th, 2024
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Raccoon Lagoon fisherman’s chest dice box – Art

Raccoon Lagoon game asset. How to make a foam dice box:

Y’all know I LOVE Raccoon Lagoon on Oculus Quest, you might have seen my hints and tips video, or maybe my first impressions video of the game. I wanted to do something as a homage to the game and the developers (who work hard to fix any bugs), so I went with the fisherman’s chest. Thought this would make a cute dice box and also a cute shelf decoration.

I made this little tutorial, so if you want to make your own Raccoon Lagoon Fisherman’s Chest you can easily do so. Just follow along (don’t worry, I edited out my mistakes so you don’t make them).

Raccoon Lagoon is a VR game on Oculus Quest by Hidden Path Entertainment.


Hope you’re having a good day whatever you’re doing!

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