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Dreadhalls Oculus Quest – First Impressions Video

Dreadhalls Oculus Quest – First Impressions Video

Dreadhalls on Oculus Quest – Old School VR Horror

Dreadhalls is due for release on Oculus Quest. Thanks to the awesome developers, I’ve got some sweet early access, so I thought I’d do a quick first play and give my wee thoughts. Dreadhalls is bandied around as ‘the scariest game in VR’, those are some big scary horror boots to fill! So let’s take a look as we dive into Dreadhalls from White Door Games and see just how terrifying it is….


Experience a new kind of immersive horror in Dreadhalls!

You are trapped deep inside a massive dungeon. Explore it, survive it, and find a way to escape. Your only weapons will be stealth, your own courage, and a faint light.

Inspired by the survival horror and roguelike genres, Dreadhalls has been terrorizing people ever since its debut at the 2013 Oculus + Indiecade VR Jam.

Dreadhalls is an intense and scary experience, not for the faint of heart. You have been warned!

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