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raccoon lagoon vr game hints tips help walkthrough

Raccoon Lagoon hints & tips – Article

Raccoon Lagoon oculus quest hints and tips walkthrough

I’ve been LOVING Raccoon Lagoon on my Oculus Quest and I’ve learned quite a few things to make the experience easier for those of you who might just be picking it up. If you’re familiar with Animal Crossing you’ll know this type of game, help the animals on the island by doing tasks for them. Collect what they need to make them happy. Collect building materials for their shops. Plant crops and reap the food to feed the cattle on the farm, or make tasty treats for your citizens. It’s a time suck, but it’s a lot of fun.

I’ll be adding to this as I uncover new hints and tips, hope it’s of help. You can hit the comments if you have a question. Here’s a first impressions for those still unsure what it’s all about:


If you need to see a first play, here that is: (hints below)

Raccoon Lagoon Hints and Tips

They will poop and that poop is forever. You can’t get rid of it. It’s punishment for you being a dick to innocent little animals. Tip, you can put poop in chests later on if you’re naughty.

It might seem obvious, but pick everything up. At some point you’re probably going to need it and as the game progesses you’ll be able to buy chests to put a lot of stuff in, thus leaving room in your inventory.

Use the bottom trigger to pick up multiples and give multiples. Don’t waste time picking things up or giving them one at a time (though you can with the top trigger).

As you can pick up all things with that bottom trigger, you can use the top trigger (whilst holding the bottom one) to drop one at a time.

If you get stuck, can’t move, press in the B and Y buttons and it will safely respawn you in the starting area.

The circular fountain in the main area – leading to the mine and other areas – gives you hearts when you give it what it wants and it happens every day. The hearts will help you unlock new areas and items.

Trees don’t always look like trees, the mushroom ‘lights’ in one of the tunnel type areas (off the farm) are trees in the sense that you can chop them down. That’s where the sliced mushrooms are.

Don’t read this if you like to find everything yourself. If not stay with me. There’s a secret treasure room with some pretty amazing furniture behind / through the biggest waterfall in the waterfall area off the farm. Well worth a look.

You’ll be able to buy storage chests in the various stores, use them when your inventory gets full. They hold loads, but what’s in it isn’t recognized when fulfilling tasks (at time of this hints and tips), so remember you have them. Oh and don’t leave them out when you’re fulfilling the town hall collection as it will disappear (the dev is aware of the issue). Always put them back in your inventory.

Don’t read this is you’d rather the tools you unlock are a surprise. If you want to know what all the tools are you can unlock read on. They are an axe, pickaxe, fishing rod, watering can, brush and boomerang.

That big blue bait ball in the fishing hut can bring loads of fish to the surface, but you can’t use it anywhere. It needs to be unlocked and when it is a bubble will appear in the water / lava and you throw the bait in.

One you open the lava level (not the mine, the volcano) you’ll see lava ponds everywhere. Don’t read on unless you want to know the trick to the level. Still there? You’ll see a tiny waterfall trickling into one of the ponds, that’s the hint for what to do. Use your watering can on any lava ponds to momentarily turn them to stone. You get into the cave structure like this. That’s where the stone lava fish is and an egg piece.

Hope that’s of help fellow lagoonies!

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41 thoughts on “Raccoon Lagoon hints & tips – Article”
    1. So sorry for the slow reply, I assume you’ve already sorted this by now, but just in case. You’ll get the boomerang when you’ve done the particular Nihm’s jobs. Have you got the phoenix egg shard that is in the lava cave in the lava area where you use your watering can to enter?

  1. Does the tower on the farm ever open? Also, can the broken bridge in the mine be fixed? One more thing, I can’t seem to figure out how to use spices in the restaurant.

    1. Hi Linda, so sorry for the slow reply, I somehow missed your comment. The tower on the farm and the bridge are just pretty things, they serve no purpose sadly. So unless that comes in an update, no, they’re just. ‘things’. The spices you are probably using and not realising it as the icons for the spiced versions are the same as the non spiced. You just shake it over the dish at the end <- if you've done that, you probably have the spiced versions 🙂 Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks so much for your Youtube video on Raccoon Lagoon. It saved me quite a few headaches. 🙂

    1. Oh yay! I am so glad it was of help to you! I’ve moved onto Animal Crossing at the moment, but still have big love for Raccoon Lagoon.

  3. Idk if this is still active but I am having trouble finding the artist Nihm. I got the paintbrush and then they just disappeared

    1. Hey, sorry for the tardy reply. I’m still here! I haven’t played the game for ages, have you looked inside the cave on the lava level? That’s where the artist hangs out. That’s also where the tent is where you get the other color paints. Hope that helps.

      1. I’m sure this is too latel to be helpful, but to upgrade the axe, you go to the forest. You’re looking for the lizard Nym.

  4. I can’t find the lamp post item for the miners spot in the city hall, I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it, please help

  5. what are the fins for that i got in the town hall ?? i dont see them anywhere in my onventory and no clue what i wasted the items on

  6. I can’t find the cookpot for the guy in the grasslands. It hints that it’s in a store, but I don’t see it anywhere! I’ve been stuck for days, please help!

    1. Hi Hope,
      it’s been so long since I played it, have you got the chef nim all the things she’s asked for? (I think there’s a spoon she needs?). Failing that, just keeping looking in the various stores.

  7. Can you do a video of all the items with names I’m having trouble figuring out all the items and what they are and where to find them! Thanks

    1. I wish I had the time it would take to do this, but I don’t. Have you tried Reddit? What is it you’re having issue with, what items?

  8. Where is the stone floor for the mine collection located? It’s not showing up in the fully upgraded mine shop or in the mining biome for me.

    1. Do you mean the mine stone floor type thing? That should show up in the shop, but what is in there changes each day.

  9. Trick with the watering can (I don’t know if this works with all levels, since I didn’t stumble upon it until I’d upgraded mine to III-Gilded): Hold the can upright and press X or A to squirt a stream of water out over a distance instead of pouring it down. Not only is this faster than pouring for crossing lava, but the stream can drive off raccoons.

  10. Just gave all the stuff to the artist nym and was given a paintbrush and white paint but now that I’ve done that can’t find her and where the shop would be.

  11. Hey, u am pretty new to the game, I have tried everything to get the axe, I just don’t understand how and what I am giving to lizard nym, can you help me?

    1. Hi G10,
      have you tried giving it blueberries?
      It’s been a long time since I played, but I think it’s blueberries.
      Good luck!!

  12. Hey, I have tried everything to get the axe, not the upgrade to the axe, the axe. I don’t know what fruit to give the lizard nym for the axe…that is where I am stuck. If you can help, what and how do I get the fruit

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