• Mon. May 27th, 2024
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End Space on Oculus Quest – VR

End Space on Oculus Quest – First Impressions:

End Space is finally out on Oculus Quest, but how does it play and what does it look like? Well those questions are answered right here. I spent a little time with this game to bring you a first impressions video. I also show you a little easter egg within the game, but fear not, I give lots of warning so it isn’t spoiled for you if you don’t want to know.

End Space VR is a space shooter that reminds me quite quite a lot of a game I love in days gone by. Let’s take a look at End Space on the Oculus Quest!

End Space is a first-person spaceship shooter that brings high quality VR immersion to Oculus Rift, Quest, & Go, PlayStation®VR & Steam VR.


In space no one can hear you scream and if you want to scream… give yourself a break.

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