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Big News – Update for my absence recently!

Best creation EVERRRRR!!!!!

You’ve probably noticed a lack of prop updates here in the last couple of weeks. Fret not, more are in the works, my workbench has around 8 projects in various states of undress. Sometimes though, life gets in the way and prop making and Nerf modding take a back seat.

On Friday a wonderful creation arrived in the world, my first grandchild… Jaxon. My family is over the moon to have a new member and we’re all a little doe-eyed and gushing at the moment, as I’m sure you understand. I’m sure most grandparents think their grandchild is the most adorable thing in the world, I certainly do! That’s him in the image right there.

best creation ever

Along with this wonderful little boys arrival I’ve also been playing some video games. I finished PS3 exclusive “The Last of Us” and was blown away by how awesome it was. Fantastic storytelling, graphical wonder and game mechanics to die for, if you’ve got a PS3 and you haven’t purchased it, do so, you won’t regret it for a moment.

last of us

Collecting things like a lunatic, yes, I have also been sucked back into the wonderful world of “Animal Crossing” (Dōbutsu no Mori (どうぶつの森). I bought a US Gamecube purely so I could buy “Animal Crossing” when it was released in the USA back in 2002 and I’ve played all the followup titles: “Animal Crossing: Wild World” 2005, “Animal Crossing: City Folk” Wii 2008 meh! and now “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” on 3DS.

Back when the original title released on Gamecube I was admin on a large / male heavy / mature gaming website, the chatter on there was hilarious with regards to the title, with members swiftly going from “omg you’re playing a kids game”, to “holy crap this is actually a really great game”. That always sums “Animal Crossing” up for me, the assumption it’s a kids title (due to the cover art and general ‘look’ of the title), contravened by the fact it is just an awesome game for all ages.

animal crossing

The latest title “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” is more of the same, but with a whole lot of new additions. After the letdown of “Animal Crossing: City Folk” I was dubious about “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”, but all my fears have been assuaged, this latest incarnation is great, addictive stuff.

“Animal Crossing” is charming and oddly so. The title weaves its way into your everyday life like a virus. You find yourself at work thinking about paying off your mortgage and how you’ll need to make a lot of bells (AC currency) to do so. You see a small apple tree and get an inescapable urge to shake it. If you have a 3DS I urge you to try it, regardless of age or gender.

For prosperity:
I’ve written for many video gaming websites over the years and two of the more time-intensive articles were about “Animal Crossing”. I’m pasting them below for prosperity. The images are a great example of how customizable the title is, make your own world, your way and have your friends visit, swap and share things….

Til next time funsters!
Oma Nerfenstein out!


Lee Adama Battlestar Galactica Animal Crossing
Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama
Captain Adama was – flexing his muscles in the mirror – working in the war room, but he didn’t even notice the spy lurking behind him until it popped up!

Chief Tyrol Battlestar Galactica Animal Crossing
Chief Tyrol in the hangar
Tyrol was once more hard at work in the hangar bay area, never knowing what evil lurk inside him and we’re not talking about the two curries he had for breakfast and lunch!

Battlestar Galactica Six Baltar and Baby
Six, Baltar & Baby
Gauis didn’t want kids, he just wanted non commital sex with anything that moved, then Six went and screwed things up in her own heavenly way… damn her!

President Roslin Office Animal Crossing
President Roslin in her office
Roslin was hard at work in her office, under the watchful eye of that bitch Tory! We could just watch Roslin all day, in glasses, out of glasses, in bandana, out of bandana!

Colonel Saul Tigh Animal Crossing Galactica
A Tigh for an Eye!
Tigh* was always cranky, then he lost an eye, not misplaced, more poked out, then he got real cranky. Still, he got to sleep with a total hottie, so it’s not all bad

Doc Cottle Animal Crossing Galactica
Doc cough cough Cottle
Cottle treats patients for cancer, while puffing away on cigarettes in a chain smoking manner. Yeah man that’s how bad ass Cottle is. He’s the only Doctor in the universe, like Karl Kennedy (Neighbours).

Sharon Boomer Animal Crossing
BOOM!.. Errr…
Boomer went to her locker one day and found something written there, it was even more disturbing than that creepy love note Tyrol had slid through the locker opening!

Romo Lampkin Animal Crossing Galactica
Romo Lampkin aka Irish Rockstar
Lampkin not only has a silly name, he’s the only Irish guy in the fleet, actually there’s hardly any Brits in the fleet, even Lee Adama pretends he’s not.

Cylon Testing Battlestar Animal Crossing
Six and Baltar in the lab…
Six loves hanging out with Baltar, even when he’s trying to do those all important cylon tests and frakking other women on his desk that clearly lost their mind for a moment, by women I mean Kara.

Starbuck Animal Crossing Galactica
Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace.. in jail.
Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace she’s an enigma…. or is she…. What’s that you can hear? Nothing but the rain? Listen up nuggets, don’t frack with me I hear music!
Admiral Adama Animal Crossing Galactica
William Adama: Remember that mustache… The Adamastache

Adama had a new friend at the start of season 3 and it took up renting a space over his philtrum, that’s the gap between your nose and top lip don’t you know! Luckily the friend moved in with his sons giant belly and were never seen again!


Brokeback Animal Crossing
Brokeback Animal Crossing.. ooh err.
‘Brokeback Mountain’ won lots of awards recently at the Octavias. The story of gay cowboy love was a huge hit in Animal Crossing Wild World.

Memoirs of Animal Crossing
Memoirs of AC
The beautiful film ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ also did well at the Octavias, but failed to win Best Picture. Rumour has it she won the heart of Pinky though.

Fred Astaire Animal Crossing Character
Fred Astaire has a skip in his step
Where do the best dancers go when they’re gone? Well they move into Animal Crossing, that’s what Fred Astaire did. His review show is a hit.

Marilyn Monroe Animal Crossing
Happy Birthday… Mr Presidentttttt….
Movies stars allegedly murdered by the mob, feel Animal Crossing town is far safer than Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe thinks so. (cleavage and all)

Animal Crossing Groucho Marx
Wocka Wocka Wocka Groucho
Groucho Marx moved in recently, he likes hanging out at the library and hitting on Pelly and Phyllis in the Post Office. Wocka wocka.

Animal Crossing Gordon Ramsay
&$#% #!@%# Chef Ramsay
Hells Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay just can’t resist using harsh language**, even in the peaceful Hamlet (or omelette -Ed) of Animal Crossing.


Adolph Hitler in Animal Crossing!
*** Home of evil…
Animal Crossing has a seedy side, it’s a safe haven for those wishing to lead armies and rule worlds. By day he’s a grocer.

Animal Crossing Horror Jason Vorhees
Jason Vorhees ARGH!!!
Jason Vorhees was spotted lurking in the woods near the lagoon. He hasn’t been seen since and neither has popular resident Twiggy.


Gordon Freeman Animal Crossing
Gordon and the Combine
Gordon Freeman** and the Combine come together in a sort of truce, though Gordon doesn’t look so sure and who can really blame him.

Animal Crossing Wild World Knight with Sword
LARPing in Animal Crossing
The LARP group in Wild World is thriving, but everone wants to be a Paladin. Oh well, LARP armour available at Ables.

Animal Crossing Call of Duty
Call of Duty reporting for duty
Call of Duty, one of the greatest war titles ever released finds its way into Animal Crossing, but they only use rubber bullets.

Animal Crossing Mario and Luigi
It’s a us!
It’s a me, Mario! Yes of course the moustached one finds his way into Animal Crossing, he’s the local plumber. Luigi is the local handyman.

** The ONLY screenshots on this page that were ‘tweaked’ were that of Gordon Freeman, Saul Tigh and Gordon Ramsay. Essentially it took an age to set up (making uniforms, walls, ordering props etc) and I then realized there was no goatee beard! So that was added to Gordon Freeman. The other Gordon, Hells Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsay had harsh language added in for dramatic effect. Saul Tigh was a samurai wig as there was no totall bald wig! Everything else though is totally kosher.

*** Yes, understand how problematic the image is, but also of the belief we shouldn’t erase history and the terrible nature of it. Hitler was the worst of humanity, we SHOULD be talking about that, not ignoring it. To me that is how history repeats itself.

If you like “Animal Crossing” or found this article interesting, you might like “That Bitch BlueBear” also. A rant piece I did about Animal Crossing a couple of years ago when I was cheated out of an award!!!! Read it, you’ll be glad you did… honestly you will.

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….

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