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Nerf Rayven Kaneda bike from Akira gun mod

Akira bike Nerf mod Kaneda motorcycle

Ahhh the Nerf Rayven, finally available to all. I am a bit of a geek, so with that in mind this Akira themed gun shouldn’t really be a huge surprise. I’ve got a few anime inspired gun mods in mind, but this is the first, Kaneda’s motorcycle as a Nerf gun… why the heck not!

kanedas bike

Kaneda’s motorbike in the movie “Akira” became truly iconic, it became model kits, action figures and even a real life version from memory. The gloss red main frame, spattered with sponsor logos and other artwork just seemed to stick in the mind. Here’s my homage.

akira kaneda's bike nerf rayven mod by nerfenstein girlygamer

Previous Nerf Rayven mod here.

akira kaneda's bike nerf rayven mod by nerfenstein girlygamer

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2 thoughts on “Nerf Rayven Kaneda bike from Akira gun mod”
  1. Where did you get these stickers? In an Akira pack or by brand individually? Ive been looking to make a similar mod on a custom laser rifle model I made similar to the one Kaneda got in the anime except red like his bike.

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