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Dexter the serial killer with heart – Cognitive dissonance

When I’m working I put TV shows on in my office. Sometimes this is for review, so I pay them attention, sometimes this is for company, so I listen and glance. I’ve been playing the listening and glance game with Dexter for the past few weeks. I’m up to season 3, well almost finished it and I gotta say, I like it. There’s nothing like the company of an ‘adorable’ serial killer to help your work day go by.

Cognitive Dissonance

I know Dexter is a serial killer, but I like him. Part of what makes Dexter such a great show is this mindf_ck conflict. He murders people in the most clinical of ways, he has no feelings, more thoughts. He hides his demon from those closest to him, but he’s also a really nice guy. Brainspaz!!

The Cast Deserves a Mention – No spoilers here folks!

Another part of Dexter (played by actor Michael C. Hall) that makes the show so great is the supporting cast, not least of all his girlfriend Rita (played by Julie Benz). As well as Rita there’s his sister Deb, with her foul mouth and hard ass manner (incidentally played by Hall’s real life wife Jennifer Carpenter). There’s Dexter’s boss Lt. Maria LaGuerta played superlatively by Lauren Velez, David Zayas as good guy cop Angel Batista and C. S. Lee as kind of creepy / quirky lab tech Vince Masuka.

All in all the first three seasons of Dexter have been superb.
Are you watching?

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One thought on “Dexter the serial killer with heart – Cognitive dissonance”
  1. I love the cognitive dissonance the TV show Dexter causes, it’s what makes it so good. How on earth could one rally behind a serial killer, yet we do. Dexter is an anti-hero, and because he is killing vile killers, we feel it’s justified. I am looking forward to the new season of Dexter.

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