• Mon. May 27th, 2024
scottish voice recognition in elevators

The problem of accents and voice recognition systems

Scottish accents in elevators

Wow that sounds a bit serious doesn’t it? Well it’s actually kind of amusing also, as you will soon see. I wonder how many people actually consider this issue. If you’ve got an accent that’s something other than that of the country you live in, sometimes things can be a nightmare. Actually having lived in the UK for years, with accents that change from town to town, I guess even accents within your own country can be an issue.

My partners lovely Scottish accent can cause havoc on the Australian automated response systems. I’ve heard her on the phone repeating words and numbers and then trying to do an Australian accent to get to the next level and her accent isn’t even full on Glaswegian…. which leads me to this weeks video.

Voice recognition elevators and Scottish accents lol

Still funny whenever I watch it.

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  1. Bournistoun is a great little show and this is one of their best skits.
    Also if you haven’t seen it the buffet restaurant skit, it is also a good one.

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