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Myka Bering and H. G. Wells lesbian subtext in Warehouse 13

So I was innocently watching Warehouse 13 today when HG Wells returned (love her). Myka and HG have an unpleasant reunion that swiftly turns to a bit of the ole lesbian subtext. Like Rizzoli & Isles, these two are clearly straight / bi as opposed to lesbians, but I suspect HG has definitely had female lovers and Myka would so go there without much thought. The subtext and chemistry between the two is wonderful and in a parallel universe they are so together!

myka bering and HG wells warehouse 13

I sometimes wish producers would go with it when two actors / characters have such amazing chemistry, but I guess lesbian subtext will have to do, since we’re highly unlikely to see HG Wells and Myka Bering as a couple. Still, it would be cool… Myka and HG up a tree K. I. S. S. I. N. G.

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10 thoughts on “Myka Bering and H. G. Wells lesbian subtext in Warehouse 13”
  1. Will Myka and HG Wells see one another again?
    Will HG be back in Warehouse 13?
    Will HG and Myka get together?

    These things keep me awake at night.

  2. God the lesbian subtext in Warehouse 13 is totally hot, it’s a shame they wont act upon it. There is no way HG Wells and Myka don’t have the hots for each other. Let’s bet there’s a new male character for Myka to show an interest in in season 3 of warehouse 13. I would prefer they brought back Jaime as HG Wells and they had this torrid lesbian affair, even if it needed to be a somewhat subtextual lesbian affair. They’re so cute together!

    1. Damn I am going to have to re-watch them now, I never even thought about it because I just assumed Myka would end up with the main guy or some other male agent who they get it.

  3. Will HG Wells be back in the new series of Warehouse 13? I’ve been searching but no one is saying. I actually thought you knew and was excited for a second. I want HG and Myka to get together. Too much for SyFy?

  4. I loved the zing (I suppose that would be lesbian subtext) between Myka Bering and H.G. Wells in Warehouse 13. I hear there is going to be a H.G. Wells spinoff show featuring just H.G. Wells back in the day, that kind of sucks, I was hoping she’d be back in Warehouse 13 so her and Myka could have some more what seemed like total sexual tension between them. Damn, guess I’ll have to stick with Rizzoli & Isles.

  5. I LOVE H G Wells! It is a shame she has not appeared in any more episodes of Warehouse 13 this season so far. She is a wonderful character and her and Myka have wonderful chemistry.

  6. Did you see that ending to the series? WHAT JOKE! PYKA REALLY? So stupid. Of course they mention HG in a relationship with some other woman, but the fans are angry because myka and peter.. ZERO CHEMISTRY.

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