• Tue. May 28th, 2024
pretty little liars PLL tv series

Pretty Little Liars so bad it’s good

Good Bad TV Pretty Little Liars

So who else watches Pretty Little Liars and thinks “omg why am I watching this, its so bad”, but then can’t wait for the next episode? The overcooked looks of abject horror on the girls faces are hilarious, which kind of add a little comedy to the suspense we are meant to feel. Personally I love the show, in the way you love something you know is really bad, but the bad makes it kind of entertaining lol

pretty little liars tv series

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One thought on “Pretty Little Liars so bad it’s good”
  1. I totally love this show even though it is sooo ridiculous!

    I think that whoever made this show has been raised on all those teen horror movies that were out a few years ago and has completely copied them. I love the dramatic looks they do and how ‘A’ always seems to be there.

    I can’t stop watching lol.

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