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Our House the Tour for Memories Sake – Video

Our House the Tour for Memories Sake – Video

It’s a tour of my house, so, yeah, probably more for me than you

You can skip by this one, it’s a tour of my house I made to remember it, because we’re moving! From a house to an apartment in the city. This is your average suburban Aussie house and we’ve loved living there. I had my own little board game room, my own workshop and an epic TV room.

Having said that, you know what’s more important than things? Time! Time is way more important, so we’re moving to the city to be closer to work and therefore closer to home… if that makes sense.

Here’s a wee tour of our old house.. Well what will soon be our old house. I guess I REALLY need to cut back on board games now.

Be kind to your fellow humans!
Nerfenstein out!

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