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Post Honeymoon Board Game Haul – Video

Post Honeymoon US / Canada Board Game Haul

I’m back and what a mad couple of months it’s been! I’m now legally married, huzzah!! Thanks Australia, well.. 61% of Australians anyway. Married and then off to the USA (again) and Canada for an amazing honeymoon. Needless to say as well as the sights, meeting up with friends and quality time, we hit a lot of board game stores (because my wife is amazing and despite not being into games like I am, drove me to loads lol).

I picked up a lot of games that were (at that time) hard to get here in Australia. This video runs through the multitude of tabletop games I bought whilst overseas. One of my favorites has turned out to be Drop It from Kosmos, if you’re into gaming, highly recommend that one as a sweet entry level (anyone can play), tabletop game.

Right if you’re interested in other peoples board game purchases, check out the video below.

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