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Channel Update: Kickstarter, Fallout Props – Video

Channel Update: Kickstarter, Fallout Props – Video

Just a super quick channel update because I realise I haven’t put out any content for a couple of weeks. I haven’t forgotten you guys, I’m just stupidly busy right now. This video isn’t going to be for everyone, I freely admit it’s really for those people who actually care where I’ve gone lol.

I take a look at a few Kickstarters that have arrived, along with a sneak peek of a new prop I’m working on. That bit is exciting.. well to me. I’m hoping you’ll like it when it’s finished and I’ll be putting a full tutorial on YouTube and additional info here on my site.

Annnnyway! I hope you’re all well and I’ll be back with more Nerf, Props, Repaints and Board Games soon.

Take care everyone!

Do good things!

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