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My Top Ten Board Games of 2018 – Video

Top Ten Board Games of 2018 Video

I didn’t get to play a lot of board games I wanted to that came out last year, so this list is a little on the light side, but these are all the board games / tabletop games I loved playing in 2018. I played a lot with family and non gamers last year, so this list has a lot of lighter family type games on it.

Heavy gamers, I know, I let y’all down, but trust me, I genuinely believe these are some of the best games that released last year. I’d love to hear in the comments what board games / tabletop games you totally loved in 2018. It was an AMAZING year for board games and I’m definitely going to be using part of 2019 to play a lot that I never got around to in 2018.


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