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Fireball Island Curse of Vul-Kar Repaint Tutorial – Video

Fireball Island Curse of Vul-Kar Repaint Tutorial – Video

Fireball Island Vul-Kar Repaint Tutorial:

Welcome to the Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar Repaint Tutorial! Fireball Island is a game I backed on Kickstarter because it’s by one of my favorite board game publishers… Restoration Games. This company breathes new life into older games, updating them with new gameplay and components for the modern board game market.

This tutorial shows you how I painted my Vul-Kar figure and the other smaller game components, like trees and bridges. It just brings an already visually interesting game up a little notch and it’s so east to do, anyone can get the same effect.

Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar is a restoration of the classic 1986 game Fireball Island that features a unique 3D island and a host of marble mayhem. This new version boasts an island that is even bigger than the original (and yet fits in a smaller box) and more marbles. It is a family-weight game for 2-4 players (5 with an expansion) that plays in 30-45 minutes. Simple card play replaces the random roll-and-move of the original, and the set collection for the treasures offers some interesting choices for players.

Hope it’s off help fellow board gamers.

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