• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
Thanos Rising board game figure repaint upgrade by nerfenstein aka girlygamer

Thanos Rising board game Thanos figure repaint upgrade – Video

Thanos Rising Board Game Repaint Tutorial:

Thanos from the Thanos Rising board game gets a repaint walkthrough / tutorial. This was a fairly easy – though time consuming – repaint that anyone can try. The Thanos figure that comes in the Thanos Rising board game is a sort of weird light blue / purple color. If you’re a marvel fan, you’ll know Thanos is more of a lighter, slightly pink color.

I found an image of a fancy Thanos fogure and went with that color scheme for this repaint tutorial. You’ll see it in the video. Hope this helps you repaint your own Thanos figure. Thanos Rising is actually a really fun game, why not have Thanos look more like himself eh?



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