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Fallout Double-Barreled Shotgun Paint Tutorial – Video

Fallout Double-Barreled Shotgun Paint Tutorial – Video

How to paint the double-barreled AER styled Fallout shotgun we made last video!

If you’ve followed that last tutorial we did where we made that cool double-barreled Fallout shotgun build, this is how you paint that sucker!!

This is a really cool build if you’re into Fallout and it’s a design by me, so when you’re cosplaying with it, you’ll only be one of a few people that have one (however many people followed the tutorial). So that makes it better than your stock standard AER Laser Rifle, which seems to be in every Fallout cosplay photo these days.

For the most part here you’re going to need paints, brushes, tape, paper and kitchen roll. For paints I just use cheap acrylics you can get in any art / discount store.

Right, let’s get to it shall we Fallout fans?!

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