• Tue. May 28th, 2024
foam fallout shotgun build

Fallout Double-Barreled Shotgun Build Tutorial – Video

Fallout Double-Barreled Shotgun Prop Making Tutorial

So as you probably know I LOVE the Fallout game universe. I’ve made a few Fallout cosplay props / Nerf mods /repaints in my time and I enjoy checking out the in game equipment and weapons. One thing I never saw was a Double-Barreled Fallout AER styled Shotgun. I ran a google search and holy crap… an original idea! (usually I run a google search for things I think are original ideas and someone else has indeed thought of it, so I don’t bother).

Anyway I decided to try and make one in insulation foam. This is a light cosplay prop build meant for photoshoots and display (because insulation foam isn’t the most sturdy).

For this build you will need insulation foam, EVA foam, hot glu, wire and greeblies. This video is the build video. Painting will be in a followup video.


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