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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Tips & Tricks – Article

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Tips & Tricks and a wee review from an Animal Crossing superfan

If you’ve followed me here for years you’ll know I own and have played EVERY Animal Crossing game released. It therefore goes without saying I’d jump on the latest mobile iteration (sidenote please do read my article on Bluebear, just to see how seriously I take this game lol). I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for a few days now and I’ve gleaned a few things I thought might be helpful to other people playing the game. If you’re unaware, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is for iOS and Android devices, though it’s only released in certain places (there are ways of getting it that aren’t too painful if you want it early). Being in Australia I’m lucky enough to have just been able to download it no issue.

I’ll start with the really obvious tips, things that – if you’ve played other Animal Crossing games – will seem obvious.

Pick Up / Catch all the Things!
Yes everything is worth something, whether it’s a little money (Bells) or to give to villagers campers who want it. Fruit – pick it all every time it regrows / spawns, same for shells and coral. Catch all bugs, butterflies, fish you see.

Tickets for Storage Slots
It costs 20 leaf tickets to add 5 storage slots, think about adding a few as it means you can carry more. You can really stock up on items for sale and to fill campers requests.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp review Hints and Tips by Nerfenstein Storage Market Slots
Add extra slots, you’ll need them.

Use Your Market Box
Add items to your market box, but be smart, add them cheaply, don’t put them in there with high prices, they will just sit there. No one can resist a deal and other people might pay more than the game allows for single item sales (usually 10 bells for many standard things). Also if you’re mid errand for an animal and they ask for something specific, check players boxes, they may just have what you’re after (especially if it’s a regular item).

Use OTHER PEOPLE’S market box
Don’t have something you need to complete a characters wants? Be sure and look through your friends market boxes, this can be way faster than trying to find / catch whatever it is. Just find it, visit, buy and return to the animal that wants it.

Fulfil all the Requests! (Use the icons!)
Doing favours for campers will not only bring you money and crafting essences etc. it will also bring you love, which will help you go up levels. You can easily check your campers wants by clicking the map, clicking the location and checking their icon. This is especially hand for the main campsite as it holds multiple campers. Just tap their icon and it will tell you if they’re after anything.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp review Hints and Tips by Nerfenstein
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Hints & Tips: Don’t forget to make use of these icons!

Swap out your campers
In case you missed it, the ‘cat’ icon bottom right at your home camp will allow you to swap out campers. Just tap it, send someone home and replace them with new campers.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp review Hints and Tips by Nerfenstein
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Tip: Use this icon to swap out those animals in your campsite.

Check the Marketplace
It changes every 6 hours, so be sure and check back more than once a day.

TELL ME A STORY – If it’s red Click it!
If ever the chat option on a camper is red, click it, get the chat and earn a tiny bit of heart. This might just be enough to push you up a level and it costs you nothing but a few seconds of your time.

Craft as Much as Possible
Craft all the things! This will help you get campers and it will open them in your items category. Use the auto placement function for campers visits and just use the return to normal option. Saves you manually placing them and you don’t need to keep them in your camp after the camper initially visits.

Check Your Catalog
The cornerstone of Animal Crossing games has always been collecting. Make sure you check your catalog, it’s in MORE, then Catalog. In there you can check what you need to complete sets. Then you’ll know what to buy when Nook, Able and Kicks are selling to complete your sets.

Shake the no fertilising Trees
Like in other Animal Crossing titles, shaking trees may garner you a reward. It seems only ONE tree per 6 hour session will give a bag of money. You need to shake them all to find it, once you do don’t bother shaking any until everything refreshes in the next 6 hour window.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mini Review

I’m many hours into Animal Crossing Pocket Camp now and it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand it is Animal Crossing on my phone, so I love it for that. There’s a fair bit to do and it is a lot of fun, but there’s not enough to do that it’s going to keep you gripped forever. Also micro-transactions… ugh and you can’t play it without a connection (so no playing it in airplane mode on long flights).

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp suffers from the same thing Pokemon Go suffers from, there’s just not enough to do that isn’t completely repetitive if you sink a lot of hours into it. Of course this is just a soft release, so hopefully it will expand as the player base grows. I’ll certainly be sticking with it. It’s fun to have in your pocket for a quick go.

Try it if you can and feel free to hit me up on my FB page to friend me.

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