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Uncharted The Lost Legacy video game review

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Review

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy video game review:

This weekend I bought, played and completed “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” on PS4, the latest game in the Uncharted series from first-party video game developer Naughty Dog. I’m a huge fan of Naughty Dog, their games in the Uncharted series are some of my favorite video games of all time. They also made The Last of Us, another personal favorite of mine.

Where Naughty Dog excel is in their characterisation and storytelling, it sets them apart from other run of the mill developers, particularly when it comes to female characterisation. Enter Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, their latest – and in my opinion best – foray into in game female characterisation and story.

uncharted the lost legacy video game review
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Video Game Review

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is an action-adventure game that sees lead character – treasure hunter – Chloe Frazer on the hunt for the Tusk of Ganesh in the mountains of India. As with all previous Uncharted games, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a third person action / adventure title with climbing, gunplay and exploration. Where it differs from many video games is that Chloe has a partner in her task and that partner is another woman, ex-mercenary Nadine Ross. That’s right a video game with not one female lead, but two women front and center, two strong, resourceful, smart mouthed women who have a riveting and truly heartfelt relationship.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy video game review by nerfenstein - Chopper screen
Two bad ass action heroines in one video game?? Well that’s something new.

It might seem a moot point, particularly to the male gamers out there who don’t understand the fuss, but to a female gamer who has gamed since the 70’s, games like this are not only important, but also much needed / welcome. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy brings a cinematic style friendship / relationship to the screen with no overt sexualisation (though they do have plenty shipping them as a couple). Their relationship is based in passed experience, in a meeting of the minds and though there is a little bit of banter about Nathan Drake as a love interest, it isn’t what their entire conversation is based on. They talk to one another, they learn about one another and it’s amazing to watch it unfold.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Game Review
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is absolutely stunning.

I really can’t thank Naughty Dog enough, for the thought that went into this title, for not bowing to the pressure of an assumed male teen audience, like so many other developers do. Tits out gets wallets open, may have been a truth at one time, but gamers grow up, society moves forward and we – hopefully – see things with fresh open eyes.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a must buy game, it’s a work of cinematic art, with real emotion attached.
Don’t miss out, get it.

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