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Workshop Rejig and Amiga Games! – Video

Workshop Rejig and Amiga Games! – Video

Amiga computer and games unboxing. Also workshop rejig and update!

Super quick update this week because I’m stupidly busy. I cleaned and rejigged my workshop space and I got my Commodore Amiga back, which I’m going to integrate into the corner. This probably isn’t the most exciting video, unless you’re an old skool computer nerd like me, but I run through some of my old Amiga games including some absolute classics! Just looks at the cover of Oxxonian… R2D2 and C3PO.. total rip off lol

I loved the C64 and Amiga computers back in the day, so it was a lot of fun opening old boxes and getting some real classic games out. If that’s your thing, you can see the video below.

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