• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
EVA foam Nerf blaster holster tutorial video

How to Make an EVA Foam Nerf Holster – Tutorial

How to make a Nerf blaster holster out of EVA foam

Need a nice fitted holster for your Nerf wars, but don’t know how? I’ve thrown together a super quick video tutorial showing you how to make oue out of EVA foam.

All you’ll need for this is some mid thickness EVA foam (I used 5mm), a sharp stanley knife / scissors and some supaglue. If you’re sewing around it, you’ll need a large needle and wire or string.

I go through everything step by step and even give it a quick paint job, just so you’re not left hanging with an unfinished holster. For the painting you just need some Plastidip and also some acrylic paint and a soft brush. Hope it’s of help to you, this is a really simple, but useful Nerf holster.


Hope it’s of use to you, be it for Nerf or Halloween!

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    1. This should work great for that, you could add a lot more detail if you weren’t in a rush as well. Good luck! Be sure and post your efforts to the Geeky Blinders Facebook group so I get to see it 🙂

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