• Mon. May 27th, 2024
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Double R Diner Cherry Pie EVA Foam Cosplay Prop – Tutorial

How to make a piece of cherry pie out of EVA foam – Good for Twin Peaks Double R Diner cosplay

I get asked to make some unusual stuff from time to time, so a piece of cherry pie for a cosplay / costume prop wasn’t overly surprising. If you’re doing a RR Diner (Double R Diner) Twin Peaks cosplay or display, this little timelapse video might be of use to you.

To make the cherry pie prop you will need floor mat thickness EVA foam, craft foam sheets (standard thickness), styrofoam balls, contact cement / adhesive, PVA glue for gloss, Red paints, brown / tan paints, a dremel / rotary took for smoothing and shaping the crust and some sugar and clearcoat.

You’ll see the entire process in this super quick video, hope it’s of help!


Eat the pie, but remember to thank who made it.
Take Care!

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