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Wonder Woman sword scabbard in EVA Foam tutorial by Nerfenstein

How to Make an EVA Foam Scabbard – Tutorial

Wonder Woman Scabbard

So we needed a sword scabbard for the lovely Wonder Woman battle action sword we repainted last time (and it’s a royal we, me and you guys!). This is a super quick build in EVA foam of a scabbard for that awesome Wonder Woman Sword toy. It doesn’t all go to plan (because you should always know what something looks like before you start LOL), but it turned out pretty cute.

Here’s a photo of the finished scabbard, not bad for some scraps of foam that were laying around in my workshop:

Wonder Woman swrod scabbard build tutorial
Super cheap super easy Sword Scabbard from EVA foam

Another piece of the Wonder Woman cosplay done!
Hope it’s of some help to you, this technique will work for any prop sword / dagger.

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