• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
Wonder Woman toy sword repaint tutorial

Toy Wonder Woman Sword Repaint – Tutorial Video

Repaint Tutorial of the Toy Wonder Woman Sword

This is a super quick repaint of the Wonder Woman toy sword. This is the Battle Action Wonder Woman Sword from Mattel and it’s actually pretty cool, you press a button and it makes various slashing and chinking noises, it’s also got loads of really nice detail.

You could paint this sword a couple of ways, I went with the dark base and the lighter metallic top coats of dry-brushing. You could also do it in reverse and spray it gold and silver and do a dark ink wash. Whatever you choose to do, it makes a really sweet prop for the smaller Wonder Woman cosplayers out there.

Wonder Woman battle action sword toy repaint by nerfenstein
Wonder Woman Battle Action Sword – Toy Repaint


Hope you find this video of use to you folks!

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