• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
The 100 TV show funko pop vinyls female character unboxing

The 100 TV series Funko Pop Vinyls!

Funko Pop Vinyls unboxing of The 100 pops!

You guys! Super excited, my pop vinyls from TV series The 100 arrived! Well, the women from The 100, I never bought Bellamy or Lincoln. I like Lincoln as a character, but meh. I hate Bellamy as a character (but I do like the actor). So neither of the guys made the cut. That’s not really unusual given the reason I LOVE The 100 is because of the great female characters.

Annnnyway. This is a look at The 100 Funko Pop Vinyls!! Clarke Griffin, Lexa (CLEXA!), Raven Reyes and Octavia Blake. Still looking for the Lexa chase pop vinyl here in Australia. Fingers crossed I’ll get that too.

If you haven’t seen TV show The 100, you HAVE TO see it!

We will meet again!

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