• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
Clarke Funko Pop Vinyl repaint The 100 Wanheda custom pop vinyl Tutorial

Clarke to Wanheda Funko Pop Vinyl Repaint

Clarke Pop Vinyl Repaint / Mod Tutorial

Clarke in TV series The 100 is an excellent character. As Wanheda, Clarke looks quite different, gone is the blonde hair in favor of dirty red / auburn. Sadly there is no Wanheda pop vinyl as yes, just Clarke is her regular guise. That’s cool though, we’ll just make our own.

I made this Wanheda pop vinyl as a gift and went for a bit of a mashup of Clarke Wanheda and a bit of Lexa’s Heda / Commander thrown in. I hope you like it, just leave off the red cape and shoulder pads if you want to stick to just Wanheda.

Hope this video tutorial is of use to you Wanheda fans!!
Jus drein jus daun!!


We will meet again!

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