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Nerf Rayven train mod – From the Archives

Nerf Rayven Train Mod with Ammo Track

Way back in October 2012 I modded a Nerf Rayven to look like a train. That is to say I looked at the Nerf Rayven and thought it looked like a train… kinda! So I just went for it and did a repaint of it to try and reflect that.

I thought it was worth another trip into the archives for this one, just because it’s one of the unusual Nerf mods I’ve done. I also modded the ammo to look like the track, so it looks cool on the shelf.

Nerf Rayven mod Train Nerf rail gun mod with tracks
Nerf Rayven Train Mod – Choo Choo!

Choo oooh! Nerf Rayven train stopping all platforms!
Mind the gap! Oh and if you want to see the original post, you can readi it here: Nerf Rayven Train Mod.


Choo choo!! Hope you enjoyed that wacky one.

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2 thoughts on “Nerf Rayven train mod – From the Archives”
  1. Heya Nerfenstein,
    I just wanted to let you know that I still think about this gun all the time, ever since I recommended you undertake a DieselPunk mod in facebook, probably the best part of a decade ago.

    Good to see you’re still active!

    1. Aww James, you’ve no idea what that comment means to me. I actually still have that mod in storage at my daughters house and as you went out of your way to show me kindness by stopping by here, I would like to show you some, by offering to gift you the mod. Contact me on my FB page if you’d like it and thank you so much x

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