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TV Show Westworld & Toy Revolver Repaint

TV Show Westworld & Toy Revolver Repaint

I watched TV Show Westworld from HBO last night and loved it! If you haven’t seen it I recommend you do. This video chats about Westworld (in non spoiler fashion and when I start spoilers I give obvious warning and also let you know when to turn your volume back up). Westworld episode one was fab, with great production value, wonderfully rich characters and special effects that are so wonderfully subtle it’s hard to tell at times whether something is CGI or acting.

As for that revolver repaint, it’s a cheap little plastic revolver and it actually looks ok once it’s done, so if you’re doing Wild West cosplay, this might help you sort out your weapon.

Let’s chat as I repaint Wild West style toy revolver for cosplay, Halloween or display.

westworld tv series thoughts and toy revolver repaint

Westworld TV series and a revolver repaint to celebrate.

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….
Nerfenstein Out!

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