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Dark Paint Over Light Wet Brush Tutorial

Metallic paint wet brush tutorial, light paint over a dark base

Here’s the second part of the dry brushing techniques tutorial. The last one I posted was light paint over a dark base, this one does the opposite, this is a dark paint over a light base. Both give a metallic effect that are very different, so you can use these on different Nerf mods or props.

This is generally how I wet brush blasters and other things to look metal with a nice depth effect from the ink or paint settling in all the crevices. Again – as with the last tutorial I posted – I say this may not be the only way to wet brush a blaster or prop, or even the best way, but this is the best way for me, it’s never let me down, so I hope it doesn’t let you down either.

How to wet brush dark over light for a shiny metal effect:

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….

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