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Titan Hero Tech Hulkbuster Toy repaint by Nerfenstein Hulkbuster repaint

Toy Repaint Hulkbuster by Titan Hero Tech Hasbro

Love a toy repaint, love Marvel.. 

You know I make props, I mod Nerf, but did you know I can do toy repaints? If you can’t afford the $1000 or so price tag of the new Hot Toys Hulkbuster figure, a repaint of the Marvel Avengers Age Of Ultron Titan Hero Tech Interactive Hulkbuster Figure might be an option for you ($35USD – $69 AUD for the base toy – yeah as usual Aussie’s are overcharged) .

A good friend asked me to repaint his Hulkbuster and I was worried because I haven’t done it before and I didn’t want to ruin it, but after starting on it I really liked it. There’s so much detail on this toy, calling it a toy is almost insulting, a repaint can up it to scale replica, or collectible. Sure it’s not the same as that beautiful Hot Toys sixth scale collectible figure or Beast Kingdom’s life sized $22,000 statue, but it’s pretty nice for us less fortunate types.

Here’s a little play by play of this repaint. I took to it like a Nerf repaint, full sanding back (took over an hour), a clean, another sand of any shiny bits, a little fiddly acetone touch to the hard to get at areas and another clean. Now we’re good to go for the black repaint / prime. After that it’s 3 different shades of red, starting darkest to lightest. Hulkbuster looks more like Hulkbuster official already! It’s so odd the manufacturer didn’t even try to match up any colors on the original figure other than ‘red’.
Personal preference, I did the entire Hulkbuster repaint in non gloss, because gloss tends to destroy some detail (imo), with the thought being a gloss spray over the top will gloss it up if needed. This will be up to my friend of course. Here’s the finished Hulkbuster repaint.

Total repaint, a whopping 25 or so hours. Two 11 hour days working on nothing but this and then part of Saturday. There’s a LOT of little details on this and a heck of a lot of taping off areas to ensure it was a sharp finish. I also went over on a few things and had to redo things a few times… nightmare. This one certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. Sanding alone took over an hour, fiddly fiddly fiddly. Wouldn’t be in a rush to do another… deep pockets only people.

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….

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7 thoughts on “Toy Repaint Hulkbuster by Titan Hero Tech Hasbro”
  1. Nicely done, the red has a nice depth and the attention to detail is well executed. If I had to nitpick, the bullet marks look a little off to me but overall a convincing repaint. You should try your hand at miniature painting.

    1. Thanks Steve, I actually used to paint tabletop RPG miniatures many years ago, but alas, my old eyes wouldn’t cope so well now.

  2. Wow, just wow, this repaint and total cost would’ve been like 60 USD i guess, give or take, but daaayyyyuuummm that’s pretty great, not everyone is as good as you, pretty accurate to the 1/6th and actual, but more portable, so that’s a plus. I think gloss should’ve been used on some areas, as from looking at official pics some chest/leg parts have gloss.

    Also, side question, should you or shouldn’t you use actual rust on stuff, I made a nice little mentats prop from an altoid thin, I scratched it up and all that good stuff, and I used actual rust, not like huge blobs, but on the side, back all that and it just look so good and fitting, so I’d like an expert opinion.

    1. I’m not sure about ruse, I haven’t used ‘actual’ rust before, I just use different reds, browns and yellows to sort of simulate the look when i have done it. The real thing is generally going to be better than the fake thing, so it’s better if you can I guess.

      Re the gloss, if you read the article you’ll see it was a conscious decision not to use gloss, each to their own I guess 🙂

  3. I have one sitting in my cabinet and was wondering im in perth wa could i send you it or something. Please email me back with some details.. happy to post it for ut to look like that!

    1. I’m happy for that to be the case, however as I think I stated, this is not a cheap repaint, it took a long time.

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